über Antarktis 2010

Dieses Blog berichtet über meine Antarktis Reise im Januar und Februar 2010.

Je nach Internet-Verfügbarkeit und Bandbreite werden die Berichte von vor Ort spartanischer oder ausführlicher, eventuell mit Bildern und Videos versehen sein.

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  1. By Paul Bristoll, 25. Februar 2010 @ 17:57

    Hi Sven,
    your site looks great and is very professional. It gives a very good impression of the trip. I still have to go through some of your links, which look extremely interesting. I was very surprised that you managed to achieve such a stable piece of filming of the beautiful iceberg near the Vernadski base.

    How are you getting along with your film? I imagine it must be a lot of work. Let me know when you are ready and I’ll get in touch.

    Please give our kind regards to your Dad.

    Best wishes Paul

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